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writings converts dates who are we? The Church's Main Branch
The Church of the One Winged Angel of Latter Day Summons
"And Hojo said, let it be spliced."
I feel obliged to post because well..I haven't yet! *was too stupid to figure out how to get to my own community!* If it helps I can try drawing up some stuff. Like logos or something? I don't know. But anyways, we need to be more involved in the community here! Don't make me have to pimp, 'cause I will!

*going to check out what's up with the devArt community now*

Oh wait! An intro!!!

You can call me um...Reiki? Kei for short? Yeah. Yeah, let's go with that.

I'm not sure how I got caught up in Jenovaism really. I'm willing to bet it had something to do with Pandora/ekala_sy_eph though. (And speaking of Pandora, when it comes to conventions like AnimeNEXT and the like, I'm always with her!) Also, I try to spread the word the best way I know how. By that I mean I actually have a few posters hanging around my school. XD

Random fact: I suck at love playing RPGs!


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Hey everyone!

Bishop Christine is going crazy over on the DA... we need a Dev ID and only a few people voted! Go vote!

In other news... uh... those mood icons are going slower than slow. >>; They'll be up eventually though. *going to work on them right now*

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~It won't be a graveyard for much longer~
Tis the Riku aka Future Kadaj
I have found the journal
I do know this: Yazoo(TwilightFairy) doesn't have a LJ

My intro:
Although some might not know it...Riku is a long lost brother of Sephiroth's. I do cosplay Riku, and believe highly in this. And due to my friends Horrorfilm(Kadaj), and Shannon(Older Yazoo), we have a picture to prove it. Which can be seen in the Deviant account.

I was intoduced to Jenovaism back in July. I had only watch Advent Children then and fell in love. I knew who Cloud and Sephiroth were from my friend who cosplayed as Yazoo. She is my Final Fantasy/Square Enix Sensei and has trained me well in the ways of this. I decided in the middle of August that I should join my friend in the silver haired goodness. So yea, I decided to do Kadaj, cause for some reason, I always played the younger or emo character. My Shouba is almost done thanks to Cloud(The_Real_Nuriko), and also thanks to him Yazoo has her gun blades and Masamune, and I have a beautifully well done replica of Mother. Both me and Yazoo are currently trying to purchase our Mako eyes, and put together/improve our outfits for our Final Fantasy group at AnimeNext 07'
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*looks around*

*wind whistles, crickets chirp, etc.*

Well. I guess I'll say something.

First post 'updated' (if you already joined, well, you should have read the profile... same thing.)

Still working on those mood icons. Really.

Uh... I don't know... discuss something! Find a picture or two to share! Say hi! Don't make me find you, hunt you down, beat you, and get you to participate!

And a mini-intro for myself, as I feel like making one:
I am Pandora. (Call me whatever you want to. I have like, waaay too many nicknames. I frequently also use Ekala and Sy Eph around the intarwebs.) I'm currently attending highschool. I live in (eastern) PA. I go to cons. If you were at MangaNext, I helped promote the Witnesses (for picture-purposes, I was the one with the 'dain bramaged' shirt xD). I routinely go to ANext and Otakon... though it seems Otakon is going to be crossed off my list now. Too big. I'm a gamer, big into RPGs and the occasional fighter or platformer. Big anime fan too (obviously). /stuff

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Have you heard of the Lifestream?
We are Jenova's witnesses, spreading the word of Sephiroth.
Will you be ready for Reunion?
The day when non-believers will be smoten in the great joining with our Mother.
Join us and become a Clone today.

"And Hojo said, let it be spliced."

The Church follows these several scriptures, in short form:

- All follow in the words and teachings of Jenova and Hojo, and their prodigy son Sephiroth.
- Following Cloud is accepted, but waiting for his demise is much more fun.
- Jenova is the true mother of the great Sephiroth, and not Lucretia. Even if Lucretia biologically gave birth to Sephiroth, Jenova is mother.
- Following Yazoo, Loz, and Kadaj do not count, since they are loyal followers of Sephiroth as well. They will be considered 'brothers.'
- However, Zack is higher up than Yazoo, Loz, and Kadaj, because Sephiroth said so.
- Please recite Jenova's Prayer when available to, for the pure pleasure scaring those around you.
- We will not be held responsible for anyone who decides to 'help' people into the Life Stream.
- We do not have the exact date in which Mother will smitten the planet, but we hope she'll talk soon.

Jenova’s Prayer:

Our Mother, who art in a box,
Jenova be thy name
Sephiroth come, Cloud be undone,
on Midgar as it is in Shin-Ra
Give us this day our daily materia
and forgive us our status effects,
as we forgive those whose status we effect
Lead us not into Omega Weapon,
but deliver us from the Knights of the Round
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever,
In your name we pray,


Welcome to the Church of the One Winged Angel of Latter Day Summons.
Based mostly on VG Cats comic number 202.

A few things to note:
- We are not affiliated with any other Jenova's Witness/Church of the One Winged Angel on LiveJournal.
- The only affiliation at the moment is our branch at Deviantart. Please see the website for this link.

The Church is for the following:
- Final Fantasy VII Compilation fanart centering on any of the following: Sephiroth, Zack, Hojo, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, Jenova, Cloud (he is a brother, after all), Riku (long story, but he's included too, kay?), Lucrecia, Reunion, or the Church itself.
- Final Fantasy VII Compilation fanfiction centered on the above.
- Any other fanmade works of Final Fantasy VII centered on the above. (This includes things such as cosplay, AMVs, and excerpts from doujins.)
- Discussions of Final Fantasy VII and the multiple storylines around it. As such, there will be spoilers.
- We are also looking for things to put in 'Hojo's Notes', our holy book. Yes, it's Hojo's Notes, because he's the only one who like, writes stuff down. There are a few sub-rules for this:
- It has to be based on Jenova's immediate family (Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, Cloud, Hojo).
- It can either sound like something that would be a holy scripture or a parody of a holy scripture (such as Jenova's Prayer).
- It should be rated - at absolute most! - PG-13. This is our holy book, after all.
- Physical books earn extra graces from our mother. <3~

The Church is not for the following:
- Arguments about timelines/characters/etc.
- Rants about anything, from cons to fandom to just people.
- Fanworks that are not centered on Final Fantasy VII or the idea of the Church of the One Winged Angel.
- Repeated or harsh bashings of characters, especially those mentioned above..

Please note: Kingdom Hearts fanworks are (obviously) fine, as long as they center on one of the above.

Let's keep the Church a clean, happy, argument-free place, please.

Some misc. rules:
- Place any large images (wallpapers and such) or large collections of images under a cut. The same goes for large amounts of text. Our friendslists thank you.
- As a general rule, note spoilers when referring to Before Crisis, Last Order, Dirge of Cerberus, and Kingdom Hearts II. The first two are both not readily available in many places, and the latter two are both fairly new, so there is a good chance people do not know everything about them.
- Spoilers for Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, or Kingdom Hearts do not need to be marked. Note that if you have not played/seen these, this means you will need to watch on your own for such spoilers. You were warned.
- It is likely that if you have joined this community, you are a *insert list of characters above* fan. As such, we request that any flaming, period, of these characters is kept to a maximum of none. Light bashing of other Final Fantasy VII or Kingdom Hearts characters will be accepted, but not smiled upon.
- Feel free to post things not made by you. As long as you have a disclaimer of some sort, and the person does not mind their things being posted somewhere, we are glad to have it.

If there are any problems, please contact me, Priestess Pandora, leader of the LJ branch, directly at the e-mail connected to the community.

Thank you. Praise Mother and pass the Mako!

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