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Hey everyone. - The Church of the One Winged Angel of Latter Day Summons
"And Hojo said, let it be spliced."
Hey everyone.
*looks around*

*wind whistles, crickets chirp, etc.*

Well. I guess I'll say something.

First post 'updated' (if you already joined, well, you should have read the profile... same thing.)

Still working on those mood icons. Really.

Uh... I don't know... discuss something! Find a picture or two to share! Say hi! Don't make me find you, hunt you down, beat you, and get you to participate!

And a mini-intro for myself, as I feel like making one:
I am Pandora. (Call me whatever you want to. I have like, waaay too many nicknames. I frequently also use Ekala and Sy Eph around the intarwebs.) I'm currently attending highschool. I live in (eastern) PA. I go to cons. If you were at MangaNext, I helped promote the Witnesses (for picture-purposes, I was the one with the 'dain bramaged' shirt xD). I routinely go to ANext and Otakon... though it seems Otakon is going to be crossed off my list now. Too big. I'm a gamer, big into RPGs and the occasional fighter or platformer. Big anime fan too (obviously). /stuff

Seeing: THE ROOM
Feeling: blah blah
Hearing: Just turned it off...

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