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~It won't be a graveyard for much longer~ Tis the Riku aka Future… - The Church of the One Winged Angel of Latter Day Summons
"And Hojo said, let it be spliced."
~It won't be a graveyard for much longer~
Tis the Riku aka Future Kadaj
I have found the journal
I do know this: Yazoo(TwilightFairy) doesn't have a LJ

My intro:
Although some might not know it...Riku is a long lost brother of Sephiroth's. I do cosplay Riku, and believe highly in this. And due to my friends Horrorfilm(Kadaj), and Shannon(Older Yazoo), we have a picture to prove it. Which can be seen in the Deviant account.

I was intoduced to Jenovaism back in July. I had only watch Advent Children then and fell in love. I knew who Cloud and Sephiroth were from my friend who cosplayed as Yazoo. She is my Final Fantasy/Square Enix Sensei and has trained me well in the ways of this. I decided in the middle of August that I should join my friend in the silver haired goodness. So yea, I decided to do Kadaj, cause for some reason, I always played the younger or emo character. My Shouba is almost done thanks to Cloud(The_Real_Nuriko), and also thanks to him Yazoo has her gun blades and Masamune, and I have a beautifully well done replica of Mother. Both me and Yazoo are currently trying to purchase our Mako eyes, and put together/improve our outfits for our Final Fantasy group at AnimeNext 07'
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ekala_sy_eph From: ekala_sy_eph Date: October 20th, 2006 07:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Another supporter of the Riku-Seph connection theory. YAY! xD

Can't wait to see your outfits at ANext! I'll still be doing my rather shabby old Inu-Tsuzuki outfit from Descendants of Darkness... but I'll probably find a 'recruiting' outfit for the Church... xDD
magicianfairy From: magicianfairy Date: October 22nd, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC) (Link)


Yazoo here i just created an account. Unfortunately my TwilightFairy name was already taken so i had to switch it. um i might change it to Random Yazoo which is my witness name. so hi.
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